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Himalayan Salt Sriracha Fine Bow Pouch

Himalayan Salt Sriracha Fine Bow Pouch

$ 20

Key Features:

  1. Fiery Flavor: Experience the zesty and piquant flavors of sriracha in every pinch. Our Himalayan Salt Sriracha adds a spicy kick to your dishes, igniting your taste buds with its tantalizing heat.
  2. Himalayan Pink Salt: Alongside the sriracha, our blend incorporates the natural benefits of Himalayan pink salt. Rich in minerals and free from additives, this salt adds depth of flavor and a touch of sophistication to your meals.
  3. Versatile Usage: From roasted vegetables and grilled meats to stir-fries and marinades, our Himalayan Salt Sriracha is a versatile seasoning that can elevate a wide range of dishes. Sprinkle it on, mix it in, or use it as a finishing touch to transform your culinary creations.
  4. Fine Bow Pouch: Our Himalayan Salt Sriracha comes in a convenient fine bow pouch, ensuring easy and precise dispensing. The resealable packaging helps to maintain freshness, allowing you to enjoy the bold flavors of sriracha whenever you desire.
  5. Unleash Your Culinary Creativity: Experiment with new flavors and spice up your meals with the perfect balance of heat and flavor. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a home cook, our Himalayan Salt Sriracha will inspire you to create unforgettable dishes.

Himalayan Salt Sriracha – Fiery Spice Infused with Himalayan Pink Salt

Introducing our Himalayan Salt Sriracha, a sensational blend that combines the fiery heat of sriracha with the natural goodness of Himalayan pink salt. This unique seasoning is designed to bring a spicy twist to your favorite dishes while adding the distinctive taste and minerals of Himalayan salt. Prepare to tantalize your taste buds with a burst of flavor like no other.

Discover the Perfect Balance of Heat and Flavor

Crafted with care, our Himalayan Salt Sriracha is made from premium quality ingredients. We start with authentic sriracha sauce, known for its rich flavor and spicy kick. Then, we blend it with fine-grain Himalayan pink salt sourced from the majestic Himalayan mountains. The result is a harmonious fusion of heat and saltiness that will take your culinary adventures to new heights.

Discover a whole new world of flavor with our Himalayan Salt Sriracha. Let the fiery heat and distinctive taste of this exquisite blend transform your meals into culinary masterpieces. Sprinkle, sizzle, and savor the excitement of every bite.


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