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About Us

About Us
Himalayan pink salt in spoon

Embracing the power of Himalayan salt

Himalayan alps stands as a trusted Salt manufacturer and wholesaler brand in Pakistan that delivers a gateway to natural wellbeing and culinary excellence. As being Himalayan salt experts, we are proud to offer only the purest and most exquisite Himalayan salt product line for Retailers and Distributors, Suppliers, Spa and Wellness Centers, Food and Beverage Industry.

Our diverse range of Himalayan salt products, carefully curated and crafted, includes culinary salts, therapeutic health and wellness goods, enchanting home décor salt lamps, kitchenware articles, healthy animal lick products and mesmerizing decorative pieces. Each item is infused with the warmth and authenticity that only nature can provide, enhancing your well-being and transforming your environment into a sanctuary of tranquility.

Why Choose Us

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What We Do?

At Himalayan Alps, we harness nature’s power to provide the highest quality Himalayan salt products. Located in the heart of the majestic Himalayan mountains, our brand is fueled by a deep appreciation for the benefits this ancient mineral treasure can provide.

Our History

Founded by RM salt in 2023, As we embark on our journey, we strive to respect the land and its treasures. We procure Himalayan salt rock that are rich in 84 essential minerals and are carefully harvested in order to preserve their inherent purity and unique properties.

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Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage
Widely used in the food and culinary industry for its unique flavor and presentation.
Spa & Wellness
Popular in the spa and wellness industry to provide unique and therapeutic experiences to clients.
Retailers & Distributers
Businesses catering to the target markets to stock their shelves and meet the demands of their customers.


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