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Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse 950 GM

Himalayan Pink Salt Coarse 950 GM

  • Finely ground for easy incorporation into recipes
  • High-quality salt sourced from the Himalayan region
  • Rich in minerals and trace elements
  • Adds depth of flavor and visual appeal to dishes
  • Versatile ingredient for cooking, baking, and seasoning

Himalayan Pink Salt Fine Grain

Himalayan Dark Pink Salt Fine Grain (0.20~0.50 Mesh) – Elevate Your Culinary Delights

Introducing Himalayan Dark Pink Salt Fine Grain, a culinary gem that blends great flavour with lovely appearances. This fine-grain salt is carefully hand-selected from old Himalayan salt mines to assure the best quality. It comes in a handy box pouch and is a must-have for any sophisticated chef or home cook.

Our Himalayan Dark Pink Salt Fine Grain is mineral-rich and has a distinct flavour character that complements your recipes. Its fine grain texture integrates well into dishes, adding a delicate crunch and burst of savoury flavour. This salt’s rich pink tint provides a sophisticated touch to your culinary creations, making it a visually pleasing complement.

Enhance Your Recipes with the Finest Himalayan Dark Pink Salt

Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook with a passion for culinary excellence, our Himalayan Dark Pink Salt Fine Grain is a must-have in your kitchen. Its fine grain size makes it ideal for various applications, from seasoning grilled meats to sprinkling over fresh salads. Unlock the full potential of your recipes with this exquisite salt.

Packaging Details

  • Product: Himalayan Dark Pink Salt Fine Grain
  • Grain Size: 0.20~0.50 Mesh
  • Packaging: Box Pouch for convenient storage and easy access
  • Quantity: 950 gm


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